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Tired of running the payroll yourself? or using a large company where you have to do all the inputting? Are mistakes being made simply due to the complicated procedures that have to be followed?

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We are a family business. This means we are highly motivated to provide you with the best payroll service possible. 

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Why use us?

We have seen clients use very large payroll outsourced services. However, we would not recommend this route as it has often disadvantaged the client. Large payroll bureaus have increased volumes of complaints largely due to errors made; the lack of customer service and the amount of input and training that they require the customer to undertake to input into their bespoke software system. We are a small business and we do all the inputting into industry standard software like SAGE or XERO which is often compatible with your existing systems, making accounting more straightforward.


Competitors also lock you into a contract for one or more years. Whereas we provide a 3 months’ notice period to end your involvement with us.

Competitors charge hidden, variable or unexplained fees for various add on services. We have NO HIDDEN FEES.

We are a small/micro family firm, that take a dedicated approach to helping companies with outsourcing their payroll. We are based in Swansea in South Wales and you can also see our privately owned offices in the following image:

CBS Offices

Our Payroll Fees:


Allow us to quote you. We tailor our quote to your organisation to ensure we provide the best value and best service possible. This will be a Bespoke Quote.

Our Fees usually involve a Fixed Monthly Fee and an Initial Set Up Fee, again these Fees vary depending on the size of your organisation.


Why do we charge Fixed Monthly Fees? It is a win-win scenario for you and us.

How do we benefit?

We simply do an invoice to you every month for the exact same pre-agreed amount which makes it easier for us.


How do you benefit?

You can forecast and plan your payroll costs and budgeting much easier whereas you can't forecast and plan your payroll budget easily without a Fixed Fee.

What do you get for this Fixed Monthly Fee?

  • The Ability to Forecast and Budget your Payroll Costs

  • Dedicated Payroll Contact

  • All emails responded to within 24 hours - LATEST! Normally an email is responded to as soon as it is received.

  • Double Checking of Procedures and data input

  • Secure Systems & Data

  • Optional Extra's:

    • You may want Direct System Integration - meaning no​ spreadsheet importing. We have experience with a range of accountancy software and work with the industry standard packages like SAGE and XERO. If you provide us with access to your software that you are currently using we can run the payroll for you remotely in that software. The benefit of doing this is that you don't have any manual journal entry as usually when payroll is run directly through the software you are using this entry is processed automatically.

    • Pension correspondence can be a nightmare. We can handle this whole process for you.

What is our Procedure?

There are a variety of procedures we will follow and undertake should you decide to engage us. We will undertake the following processes for you:

  • We will provide either a) a PDF file including your Payslips for your Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly employees so that this can be printed out by yourself and handed out to employees or b) we can email the payslips directly to the employees.

  • Payroll Reports and data in spreadsheets allowing you to simply import the processed payroll data into the software you are using for journal purposes.

  • Sending and handling of P11D's.

  • Managing of the whole end of year process including sending P60's to employees.

  • Sending P32 reports to you in a timely manner to ensure payments for P32 reports can be made on time to HMRC.

With years of experience in this field our family firm can help you outsource your payroll effectively. 

We will of course need to clarify elements with you, such as the following:

  • The process of receiving and inputting employee data

  • Software integration e.g. we can use Sage Payroll or Xero (or a package you prefer) in order to output reports in a format suitable for importing into your accounts software

  • Analysis of your employees e.g. the numbers of shift work; how many claim expenses; salaried staff; hourly paid staff; staff turnover ratio, etc.

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